Why we chose ORIJEN

“My interest in pet food nutrition was triggered by the desire to save the life of my beloved 12 year old cat Salvador. Tests for cancer, feline AIDS and diabetes were negative, yet he was rapidly deteriorating. My history in research from my PhD background, led me to new passion in animal nutrition and specifically, the benefits of species appropriate diets.

Cats are obligate carnivores, yet were all fed grain based, poor ingredient quality diets. Somehow pet owners and the veterinary community had gotten used to the side effects of feeding these species inappropriate diets. The mission to save my cat resulted in me finding the World’s Best Pet Food – ORIJEN Dog and Cat food. Two weeks after switching Salvador’s diet to ORIJEN, the cat stopped vomiting, picked up weight, and looked a hundred times better and brighter! He returned to the former glory of his youth, catching birds and generally behaving like a naughty kitten. Salvador lived another six happy, very healthy years thanks to his new Biologically Appropriate diet.

And so my crusade began, to spread the word and educate Pet Lovers – not only is it information every owner who loves and wants the best for their pets should know, but it could save a life (like Salvador’s).”

Dr Sonja Maricevic, owner of Pack Leader Pet Products

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