Planet Dog. The best toys on earth for earth’s best friends. Now available in South Africa!

Planet Dog unleashes the power of play with Orbee-Tuff ®, durable, interactive dog toys, puzzles and easy to use slow feeders, all designed to activate dogs’ minds and energise their play. They’re as interesting as they are impressive – they squeak, whistle or bounce erratically, keeping your dog interested and engaged.

Invented by a team of forward-thinking chemists commissioned by Planet Dog 20 years ago, Orbee-Tuff ® remains the most innovative, eco-friendly dog toy material in the world, having won countless awards for design, innovation, durability and overall excellence.

Orbee-Tuff toys are durable, pliable and buoyant with a peppermint scent to ensure dogs love the smell as much as the mouth feel. They come with a lifetime guarantee and consist of FDA approved non-toxic materials, so they’re 100% safe for your dog and 100% respectful of the planet.

Planet Dog proudly creates the BEST products from the BEST materials for your BEST friend.

Sit. Speak. Act.®

Planet Dog proudly donates 2% of every purchase to the Planet Dog Foundation (PDF) to support canine service programmes, from seeing eye dogs to therapy dogs, search and rescue dogs to police dogs, these incredible animals are enhancing and saving human lives