Is your dog or cat overweight?

Similar to humans, dogs and cats may gradually become overweight over a period of months or years, in response to a relatively small, but prolonged, energy imbalance. This imbalance is as a result of more energy being taken in than expended.

There are numerous health risks involved for dogs and cats that are overweight. The most important and serious conditions are: diabetes mellitus, exercise and heat intolerance and orthopaedic/joint problems. Overweight dogs and cats are also susceptible to respiratory and heart conditions, and cats can also struggle with self-grooming.  


How do I tell if my dog or cat is overweight? A useful tool to determine whether your dog or cat is overweight is a body condition score chart (BCS). A BCS chart is a useful management tool which uses a numeric score to estimate the degree of obesity. For an ideal BCS, you should feel a thin layer of fat covering the ribs, allowing you to easily feel and see the ribs. If you feel a thick layer of fat and have to press down hard to feel the ribs, then your dog/cat is likely overweight or obese.


Identifying and changing habits that may have contributed to the pet’s weight gain is key to successful weight loss. A protein-rich, carbohydrate-limited diet is essential for effective weight management.


When deciding on a suitable diet, there are a few things to consider. Ideally, the diet should aim to decrease body fat and maintain lean muscle mass. Overweight dogs and cats often suffer from mobility problems, so the weight-loss formula should also offer some joint support in the form of glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate and good levels of animal Omega 3 fatty acids. The diet should offer limited, low-glycaemic sources of fruit and vegetables for sustained energy release throughout the whole day. Good sources of fibre for satiety and general intestinal health are also important.

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