The four common dog health concerns

If you’re dog parents like us, you’ve likely encountered one of the four common health concerns with your pooch: Picky Eaters, Itchy Coats, Fatty Floofs, and Farty Furballs!

As obsessed pet parents (aren’t we all!?) we want what is best for our dogs. So when we started to notice that pet parents all over are experiencing four very common health issues with their dogs, it got us thinking. Isn’t there something that can help? There is, and it all starts with what goes in your dog’s bowl!

Let’s take a look at how Weruva’s canned wet foods can help your dog eat better and feel like a pup again.

Picky Eaters

Pups want the good stuff. We’re talking REAL MEAT! High-quality cuts of lean protein are what you’ll find in every Weruva recipe. Dogs are smart, they know when they’re eating REAL ingredients, like hand-prepared shredded boneless, skinless, breast meat chicken.

Itchy Coats

An abundance of healthy fats – Omega 3’s and 6’s help pups get a shiny, healthy coat. No more itchy and flakey scratches! Food allergies you say? We have a number of single protein recipes for those extra sensitive canines. Your pup will be looking like Fabio in no time.

Fatty Floofs

The same plan that the doctor prescribes for us humans – moderate exercise and diet are the keys to a healthy weight. For Fido, the same is true.

Dogs do best when their meals are mostly lean proteins, have a moderate amount of fats and minimal carbs. Don’t forget to provide ample drinking water and your pup will be on their way to a trim tummy!

Farty Pups

High quality food and proper fibre will naturally give your pup healthy gut bacteria. If your pup needs a little extra fibre, we have delicious recipes with added pumpkin.

So, whether you have a picky dog, itchy dog, fatty dog, or farty dog maybe it’s time to consider what goes into your dog’s bowl?