Oxbow Critical Care

Oxbow Critical Care – A pantry staple for small mammal owners

Oxbow Critical CareWhat is it?


  • Can be used as a top dressing on food and hay to encourage better intake or for food transitioning.
  • Formulated to provide essential nutrients for animals with poor nutritional status resulting from illness or surgery.
  • Contains high-fibre Timothy Hay and other vital nutrients to support proper gut health and digestion.


Created with input from leading veterinarians and nutrition experts who specialise in exotic animals, Critical Care is considered the top choice for helping herbivores recover from illness or surgery when they’re struggling to get the right nutrition. It’s not just for recovery though – you can also sprinkle it on your pet’s food or hay to help them eat better or switch to a new diet more smoothly. Critical Care is packed with important nutrients your pet needs and includes high fibre Timothy Hay to keep their digestive system healthy. It’s a must-have item for your pet’s pantry.




  • Powdered formula mixes easily to desired consistency
  • Highly versatile – can be tube fed, assist-fed by syringe or spoon, or self-fed by bowl or as top dressing
  • High in fibre; low in carbohydrates
  • Contains readily-absorbable chelated minerals and beneficial prebiotics
  • No refined sugars, artificial preservatives or simple carbohydrates


The smallest pets deserve the biggest love!

Written by: https://oxbowanimalhealth.com/