We purchased our American Bully puppy Cody in August of 2018 and immediately put him onto Orijen Puppy. What a difference this food made to us and our little boy. Not only did he grow nicely and fill out well but his skin and coat changed completely for the better. This breed is known to suffer with skin allergies and he did initially scratch quite a lot which stopped completely. We get so many compliments on his overall condition and I honestly believe it can be put down to great nutrition.
Many thanks
Candice Smith
Before and after, although it’s still an ongoing process. Our foster failure Kitty has lost a total of 7kgs so far thanks to ACANA Light & Fit. She has come such a long way, with huge weight loss, increased energy levels and so much more self confidence. Dagmar
He was taken away too early from his mommy so he didn’t get enough nutrients etc to be able to grow big and strong and build a strong immune system.  Nero landed up at a foundation where we spotted him. We immediately fell in love with him and took him home.
After a short while we started noticing that his skin was very red and he couldn’t stop scratching and biting. He was so bad that he broke his skin open. We couldn’t even bath or rub cream on him to soothe the pain, nothing worked. We tried all the medicines, creams and especially foods to help him but to no avail.
After trying everything we almost gave up, when one of the Orijen Acana reps, Nikki Louw, approached us and heard about Nero’s story. She told us about the Orijen 6 Fish and said that we MUST try this. We were desperate so we agreed and it was the best decision we could’ve made for Nero. He absolutely loves the food.
The results started to show in a weeks time and no more broken skin, no more inflammation, no more itchy bumps. His skin does sometimes still go red and he scratches a bit but it’s nothing compared to how bad it was before. Every day he is getting better and better and the results are breath taking. We, including Nero, are hooked on Orijen and will never use anything else again.
It brings a massive smile to us all knowing that everything we went through to be able to land up with Orijen was all worth it.
Before and After pictures of our boy Nero attached. From Charne
I wish I had joined your page sooner for the transformation competition, but since I missed it this is just a message to say thank you for the quality you put forward. It really can change a life. Here is what it did for our family.
We got our little Laika (a Labrador Retriever) from a breeder in July. He weighed only 2.9kg at 8weeks, extremely malnourished. He had pneumonia and pica and after numerous tests and an operation we found out that he had pulmonary fibrosis in his right lung. All vets are astonished that he kept on fighting for as long as he did.
As an almost five month old pup he is now adapting to living with one lung. This little fighter now weighs in at 13.4kgs and if it wasn’t for your food I’m sure his road to recovery would be so much more difficult.
He is extremely active, a little terror at times, to be honest. Sometimes I have to remind myself that he had a major operation a mere three weeks ago.
Thank you for such an amazing product, our little boy has gone from strength to strength. He is still fighting off an infection in his healthy lung, but I’m absolutely convinced Orijen is giving his body all it needs to fully recover.
Cheree Gallagher
My 12-year-old Westie, Finlay, was diagnosed with diabetes about a year ago and we battled to stabilise his blood sugar levels. His sugar would see-saw from sky-high to deathly low, with several emergency vet stints. Since switching him to Orijen Senior, his sugar levels have been steady and at healthy levels, and even his frequent skin issues and ear infections have stopped. He is still fit and active and loves his walks! We haven’t looked back. Regards, Sivan

We adopted 3yr old TINA, a Fox Red Labrador on 24th August 2018. Fox Red Labradors are bred for eventing, hence her long legs.

From day one she has been fed ORIGIN SIX FISH and her treats are ORIGIN DUCK. Her front top and bottom teeth are just stubs from being so hungry that she was eating her kennel cement at the shelter.

The attached photos show before and after with dates. She is walked 2x a day and just loves to play. Her muscle tone is incredible. And she outruns every dog!

Incredible results from ORIGIN!!!!!!

Kind Regards


Lets start this story we own twin Labradors. When my Labrador was one she was diagnosed with an ear infection, which became the norm for the next six years of her life. We were then recommended to try the veterinarian diet of the food Grace was already on. Now we had two dogs on two diffrent foods. Still Grace had problems with ear infections but it was less than before, which was a great! Then her anal glands started acting up. Nearly every month during changing of seasons we had to go and visit the vet. She later on got a lump on her bum due to all the scooting which had to be removed. Our other Ladrador Lady has always had problem with her stomach and weight. Every so often it was trips to the vet because Lady had a runny tummy. Now the thing with Lady is that she eats everything as sure as the sun will come up in the east Lady will eat, the bottom line is this had to be the reason for her tummy problems right? Early this year the vetenarian diet got discontinued due to the company being bought. I was in a panic! What to feed Grace now? Then started my extensive research on dog food and food allergies. I came across Acana it was the light at the end of the tunnel! We could have both Labradors on Wild Coast, saving us endless trips to the vet and petshop. Its been eight months now and there has been a big diffrence in both dogs! In eight months we have not seen the vet for ear infections, anal gland problems or stomach flu. They both love Acan Wild Coast and can’t wait for meal time. Thanks Acana you saved our day! Jancke Mia Opperman

Acana Pacifica Dog kibble has been amazing for our Amstaff named Nyx. Her allergies began just after she turned one, and we struggled to alleviate her symptoms. We tried all the recommended food for skin allergies and for environmental allergies.
Some worked, but she would get bored of the food and we would have to mix other things in to an already expensive food.
We tried many other treatments all having very little effect, except cortisone tablets when she flared up (but, we didn’t want to use cortisone all the time)
Then, we decided to try Acana Pacifica (this was 2 and a half years ago if not longer) and we have never looked back!
Nyx has not suffered severely with her allergies since eating Pacifica.
She has a flare up now and then, but it’s nothing that a good medicated bath can’t soothe.
We use cortisone so rarely now.
Her coat is shiny – with her white fur being snow white and her black fur super smooth and shiny. She used to be patchy and dull before.
We now have four dogs, and they are all eating Pacifica.
No worrying about having to buy different food for different dogs any longer.
We have seen so many beneficial changes in all our dogs, but in Nyx especially.
One major change is that they CANNOT wait for their food to be served!
Pacifica is the only food that all of our dogs have never become bored of.
They sit waiting and drooling while I dish their kibble and eat hastily – we have not had to mix anything into their kibble ever!
Such a pleasure to feed this food and we purchase an 11.5kg bag probably every 15 days, so about 2 bags per month between 4 dogs.
It is more expensive, but we have saved so much more had we fed a different food, but still have had to pay for vet bills and different medications. Extremely happy and healthy dogs! Lara Livesey
I’ve been using Acana Pacifica on my Fox Terrier Miya-Bella since January and I’m beyond impressed with the change I have seen in her. Not only is her weight on point her coat is shiny, her teeth are healthy and she is in tip top shape and health. After 3 years of being on another well known brand of food she all of a sudden developed a food allergy and it took several costly vet visits to discover this. Her skin was dry, she was scratching so badly that she was raw on some spots and she was just not her usual full of energy self. Our lovely vet recommended Acana and I will never change her diet again as Acana Pacifica is the best on the market and is the best for my furkid. Bronwyn
This is our Newfoundland, Sirius, from Tenderebony Newfoundlands in Romania. He arrived in SA with a very sensitive and upset tummy. He was extremely sick and we were scared that we were going to lose him. After numerous trips to the vet and trying out nearly every single brand of dog food available, Dr. Martin De Scally recommended that we try out Acana Pacifica… It worked wonders! Sirius is almost 3 and is a strong healthy boy! Acana literally saved his life and keeps him in the best health! Besides his tummy being completely stable, his fur, skin, temperament etc have all improved! Thank you Acana!
Regards, Kabir
Savanna was rescued after being dumped in a field where she slowly wasted away unable to find food. Once we had Savanna and she had visited the vet we posted a plea for a foster. Orijen Acana South Africa immediately contacted us and donated 2 bags of food for Savanna. Werner personally delivered them within an hour of making contact. We were blown away by thier kindness. Savanna has since been homed to an absolutely amazing family who have kept her on Acana as its truly helped pull her through and helped her recover. Her diet has played a big part in her being able to experience a loving home in her last years. Thank you again.

He is and always has been a very lean dog as he is very active and thus, it has always been a struggle to get some weight on him. I tried various brands of Vet food and even supplemented with vitamins and raw meat, but I could never really get the weight on him that I wanted. In the beginning of 2013 I started feeding my Senior dog (Wicka) the Orijen 6 Fish and had such great results regarding her mobility and coat condition, that after about 6 months, I decided to give the Acana a go for my (then) puppy (Xaron) – the improvement regarding his appetite was almost immediate – where he used to barely ever finish a portion of food, he positively gulped it down now. Slowly but surely I also noticed that he was definitely picking up weight. Xaron used to have a sensitive skin and stomach, and struggled with regular stomach upsets and rashes on his skin – these all seem to be in the past now. I realised the other day that I haven’t had to buy ear cleaning products or treat his ears for over 2 years now! Xaron is still a very energetic and boisterous dog but now he is also a very healthy dog. He goes for weekly fitness sessions at Petfit Canine Fitness, loves to do IPO and also qualified as the German Shepherd Dog Federation of South Africa, IPO1 winner for 2016.  I changed to Acana Large Breed Puppy, then Acana Sport & Agility and Orijen Adult & Orijen 6 Fish. The result was no more skin rashes, ear infections, he picked up weight as needed – generally healthy sound dog! Super grateful


Ido has always been prone to carrying extra weight and now at the ripe old age of 12 and a half years old (about 77 in human years) I can honestly say that we have tried many different diets to help him. As you know he started his weight loss journey on the 13th February this year – I have attached a photo to give you some idea of what he looked like at that stage. He weighed in at a whopping 46kg, his coat was dull and he shed vast amounts of hair continuously. At that stage he was on an anti inflammatory, as he had a fair amount of pain in his joints. The vet advised us that the more weight we could take off of him the better off he would be – and so our journey began. One of the really amazing things about his diet is that as far as actual food goes, he is not being fed any less than what he was getting before, so certainly doesn’t feel deprived. He has now been on the Light & Fit for just over 3 months and to date has lost 5.3kg – at 40.7kg he only has a little further to go to reach his goal weight! As you saw for yourself this morning he is full of energy, has a lovely new waistline and his coat is beautiful and shiny and he hardly sheds at all anymore. For a Labrador that is truly amazing! He has not needed the anti inflammatory for just over a month now so that is a real blessing.

For some time now I have had an interest in trying to put him on a biologically appropriate diet, but as you well know, it is easier said than done. For the average working person the time needed to devote to that task is just about impossible and then sourcing the actual ingredients is yet another headache. I have often thought – “I wish someone would make a biologically appropriate dog food” and then along came Acana 🙂 It is wonderful to know that I am feeding him a diet that was designed for carnivores and that all of the ingredients they use are fit for human consumption – not factory by-products with questionable protein sources. Thank you so much. With much love and appreciation

Lesley, Joanne and Lionel