West Paw Qwizl – The introduction of a great new challenge for dogs

Dogs’ brains need to be stimulated to support a happy life. If dogs get the chance they will sniff around and explore the whole day. It helps to develop their brains and also makes them more creative in finding solutions in daily life. 


The new Zogoflex toy “Qwizl” will help to stimulate dogs’ brains and it is also very durable. The perfect combination. The Qwizl can be filled with all kinds of treats and will result in long lasting fun. So your expensive dog treats will have a longer life as well and the dog has much more fun combining playing with treats. 


Be creative with your treats. If you always use the same treat, the dog won’t be challenged anymore, so vary with your treats. You can use dental sticks, bully sticks, sausages, pieces of Salmon, cheese spread or ACANA treats. 


Because the Qwizl is easy to fix between the dogs’ paws they keep motivated to get the food out of it. And therefore it is a perfect toy for all ages:


  • Young puppies (3 – 4 months) can train their mobility, are stimulated to use their nose and learn how to chew.
  • Juniors can learn to temper their energy, but still get very tired because they use their brains. 
  • Adult dogs still get motivated to play the game and like the challenge. 
  • For senior dogs that aren’t so flexible anymore it is a great toy, because they easily keep the Qwizl between their paws and don’t need to move so often. Older dogs with signs of dementia will also be triggered to use their brains. Food is a 1st necessity of life, so normally they won’t forget this.  
  • Injured dogs who are not allowed to walk a lot still need to get rid of their energy and get very often frustrated. Give them a Qwizl with food and they will be happy again.


Searching games / mentally stimulated dog toys makes dogs tired. Using their brains tires them more  than walking for an hour in the park. Therefore don’t make it too difficult and too long for puppies and very old senior dogs. Just once a day for these ages would be enough.


The Qwizl can also be perfectly used in scary or insecure situations for a dog (thunder, fireworks, strange people). As long as the dog is interested in food, they will work on the Qwizl and forget what is around. They get a positive experience with something they were afraid of. 


How to start with the Qwizl:

As with all mentally stimulating toys, always start easy for dogs to keep them motivated. Especially for puppies, dogs who have never done this and also real senior dogs, keep it simple. So fill it for instance with a few kibbles (small ones that won’t get stuck) in the Qwizl and give it to the dog. It will fall out easily if the dog moves the Qwizl and this motivates the dog to continue. Also use something that smells.


If this is easy, then add a thin stick that is still easy to fall out, but they need to be more active and to use other skills. Through the open part in the middle, the smell helps to motivate and if they start licking there the treat is getting softer. Step by step you can make it more difficult with thicker sticks. It will be harder to get the treat out of the Qwizl, but as long as they can smell it and taste it they will continue. 


See how your dog enjoys his daily treat in the Qwizl.