Orijen Force of Nature
Orijen Force of Nature
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At Pack Leader, we believe that our pets are individuals with complex personalities and unique needs. They form a core part of our immediate family and caring for them to the highest level requires access to the best products and the latest information available. We are not, therefore, simply distributors of high-end pet products. Rather, we aim to enable the African pet lover to truly meet the needs of the special creatures in their care. We wish to earn your trust with our range of personally selected and carefully curated brands from the worlds leading, innovative pet companies along with our advice on the very latest thinking in the pet space.

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Biologically Appropriate ORIJEN represents a new class of food, designed to nourish dogs and cats as nature intended. If you’re looking for the world’s best dry food, ORIJEN is it.
Weruva LogoWeruva Logo
Highly palatable cans and pouches for the fussiest felines and pups. Weruva makes high meat content food for our companions and yours, in kitchens that also make food for people.
Smart Cat LitterSmartCat
SmartCat All Natural & Lightweight Cat Litter with a clumping action like you have never seen before. Made of renewable grasses, this litter is soft on paws, biodegradable, flushable and 99% dust free.
Sticky PawsSticky Paws
Sticky Paws
Protect your furnishings with Sticky Paws! Manufactured from inert and non-toxic materials, the one and only Sticky Paws controls cats scratching behaviour humanely.

Ruffwear Logo
Thoughtfully designed, beautiful and comfortable performance dog gear for canine professionals, outdoor adventurers and everyday outings.
Sealy LogoSealy Product
Sealy Dog Beds
Sealy Dog Beds take all of the knowledge and technology used in Sealy human mattresses to make the most technologically advanced and comfortable bed for your best friend to sleep in too.
Go Cat LogoDucky World
Company of Animals
Category leaders in dog training products and accessories, offering pet-friendly solutions so pet owners can be confident and assured when using these products.
Chuck It logoChuck It Products
Chuckit! has revolutionised the classic game of fetch with innovative and ergonomic launchers and toys that are as fun for people as they are for dogs!
Ricky LogoRicky Products
An all-natural range for dogs and cats with active ingredient of Buchu extract. Give your pet the best alternative to deal with pain and inflammation related to conditions like rheumatism, arthritis, hip dysplasia, skin disorders, bladder infection and general injuries.
Eathbath LogoEarthbath Products
A comprehensive line of natural, solutions-based shampoos, wipes, spritzes, and grooming foams for pets. People tested and pet approved.
Eathbath LogoEarthbath Products
With quality in mind, flexi is a German-made series of retractable pet leashes and accessories that are used the world over. As a solution for the pet owner’s need to control their dog vs the dog’s need for freedom and exercise.
Eathbath LogoEarthbath Products
Jackson Galaxy
Tap into your cat's natural instinctive behaviour and bring out their personality with Jackson Galaxy® pet products.
fat cat Logofat cat Products
Fat Cat
Pet toys to tickle your funny bone. Fat Cat® is on a mission to "Make People and Their Pets Laugh" using innovative cat and dog products, creative designs, and a funky sense of humour. You might be as entertained as your pet with these toys.
Eathbath LogoEarthbath Products
Pet Qwerks
Where pets always come first. Since 2003 Pet Qwerks has been focused on providing pet parents with interactive toys that will hold their pet's attention for hours. We have grown to manufacture plush, rubber, and now an exceptional line of 'Made in the USA' dog chews.
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The Pack Leader brand portfolio consists of premium brands ORIJEN, ACANA, Weruva and Sealy, amongst others. Our products are stocked at leading pet shops, vets and online stores nationwide. For the full list of online retailers and the store locator please visit our stockists page.

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