At Pack Leader, we believe that our pets are individuals with complex personalities and unique needs. They form a core part of our immediate family and caring for them to the highest level requires access to the best products and the latest information available. We are not, therefore, simply distributors of high-end pet products. Rather, we aim to enable the African pet lover to truly meet the needs of the special creatures in their care. We wish to earn your trust with our range of personally selected and carefully curated brands from the worlds leading, innovative pet companies along with our advice on the very latest thinking in the pet space.


Pack Leader is a group of dedicated people that are trying to make a profoundly positive difference to the lives of every pet we serve. Everyone in our pack, whether they are vets, sales reps, customer care, marketing or accounts and distribution team members live the vision of world-class pet care. Together with our industry partners we are proudly shifting the paradigm of what it means to be entrusted with a pet and empowering pet lovers to truly care for their furry family. Most of us have a deeply personal story to tell of how a certain formula, product or piece of advice has improved the lives of our own pets, changed or saved lives and would love to share our experiences and knowledge and hear your story in return. It gets us up in the morning.


Pack Leader was founded to save the life of our beloved Russian Blue cat, Salvador. He was fading fast on the selection of grain-based diets available for cats at that time in South Africa. His life was extended and vastly improved through a simple change to a species-appropriate, meat-based diet and so our mission to bring world-class care & nutrition to as many other African pets as we could was born. Salvador is sadly no longer with us but his character and his legacy lives on through the tens of thousands of African pets whose lives have now also been touched by ORIJEN, ACANA and our other leading, world-class brands.

Salvador’s amazing transformation is at the centre of everything we do and that is why we believe that the greatest impact you can make in the life of your pet is to feed the highest quality, biologically appropriate food you can afford.


Nutrition forms the basis on which you can build everything else to achieve a higher quality of life. Once that is in place, we have also built a selection of products in every category for you to liberate your pets to express their natural, healthy behaviours and to meet all of their needs.

We welcome you to join our pack and be part of the exciting movement that is redefining how we care and connect with our furry families. We have only just begun on this journey and there is much to be done. We will be there with you and your pets every step of the way.